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Recent Publications

Current Project

Situated Stages: The Geo-Racial Politics of Site-Specific Performance

My current project reorients theories and practices of site-specificity around racial geographies, an emerging field that makes antiracist and decolonial politics and practices central to questions of space and place. Rather than reiterate site-specificity’s broad interest in space-making, my study turns to sited performance practices of the Global Majority to probe the stakes of, and alternatives to, space-taking. Through interdisciplinary engagement with Black feminist geographies and critical Indigenous studies, I move beyond current interest in discrete sites of performance – architectural, environmental, memorial, and virtual – to argue that site-specific performance enacts on a grander scale; it is a mode of situated knowledge dissemination capable of either reifying or refusing the white settler spatial imaginary. This shift positions site-specific performance squarely within contemporary struggles over the making and meaning of space, and it allows me to demonstrate alternate modes of aesthetic attunement capable of moving site-specific discourse more fully toward its geopoetic potential.

Research Areas

  • Race, Gender, and Performance

  • Site-Specific Performance

  • Social Justice and Activist Performance

  • Ensemble-Based Devising

  • Black Studies and Black Feminist Geographies

  • Critical Indigenous Studies and    Decolonial Theory

  • Theatre and Performance Historiography 

  • ​​Applied Theatre & Theatre of the Oppressed

  • American Studies

  • Cultural Politics of the U.S. South

  • Political Theory and Performance

  • Global Social Movements

  • Liberatory and Embodied Pedagogies

  • Participatory Action Research

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